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Injustice 2 review: Evil Superman vs. Batman a faster-paced fighting game

Batman, Superman and other heroes from the DC Comics world join forces in this follow-up to the game Injustice. (Credit: Warner Bros.)

PLOT Justice will be served by DC Comics’ stable of heroes.

RATED T for Teen

DETAILS PlayStation 4, Xbox One; $59.99;


The Caped Crusader and the billionaire. The last survivor of Krypton and the reporter. Most of DC Comics’ heroes lead double lives, all in an attempt to blend into society as seemingly ordinary people who don sleek costumes when trouble arises. NetherRealm Studios’ 2013 fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us also balanced duality, and found success as a fun fighting experience coupled with a popular story. Injustice 2 doesn’t reach that same level of narrative intrigue, but is still nearly as enjoyable.

The fighting is once again a ridiculous show of power. At any given second, a hero could be punched through a pyramid, thrown into space, or mauled by Harley Quinn’s hyenas. This is nothing new for Injustice, but the dancing that occurs between these catastrophic strikes offers a higher level of strategy and fluidity. The small touch of increasing the walking speed of each character goes a long way in removing the slow spacing game between opponents. Matches are noticeably faster in pace, and players have more opportunities to turn the tables on their opponents thanks to the inclusion of aerial recoveries that allow you to pop out of juggle combos, and evasive rolls that can give you distance or close the gap on a foe.

The game feels tighter and faster, and the returning characters all feel new again, for better or worse. Batman’s techniques are more enjoyable in this sequel, but Superman is strange and underwhelming in both appearance and functionality. The roster, while lacking some heavy hitters for narrative reasons, does offer a nice variety that pulls equally from DC’s gods and titans as the vigilantes, such as Bat family and Suicide Squad.

With DC’s cinematic universe underperforming (though “Wonder Woman” may prove the exception — and she’s in this game, as well), Injustice 2 is the best way to see just how powerful and diverse these heroes are.


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