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Hidden treasures with iOS.13 that you need to try

In Apple iOS 13, QuickPath brings one-hand typing

In Apple iOS 13, QuickPath brings one-hand typing to iOS keyboard. (Apple/TNS) Photo Credit: TNS/Apple

If you're an iPhone user, you probably recently got an alert asking you to upgrade to iOS 13. You probably haven't noticed a big difference in the way your device operates, but you also may not have uncovered these interesting new features.

So your iPhone's battery doesn't like it when you charge it up to 100% and just keep the charger connected. It can shorten the battery's life. Perhaps you put your iPhone in a wireless charging stand on your bedside table each night.
Apple has figured out a way to learn your charging habits. If you put the phone on a charger each night, the battery charges to 80% and stays at that level overnight. Then, before you wake up, the phone finishes the last 20% of the charge. The more regular you are with your charging habits, the better the optimization.
You can disable this feature in the Battery Health section of the Battery preferences.
This may become your favorite new feature. Phone companies can't seem to get rid of spam calls, so Apple is offering the next best thing — letting users silence unknown callers.
If a call comes in and it's not from someone you know, the phone won't ring. The call is sent to voice mail and it still shows up on your Recents call list.
How does Apple determine which calls ring? They're the ones from people in your contact list, from recent outgoing calls and from Siri suggestions.
To set up Silence Unknown Callers, go to your iPhone's settings, then scroll down to Phone and look at the bottom of the page to enable it.
It might not seem that intuitive if you've never tried it, but swipe typing is pretty slick. Instead of hunting and pecking, you can type with one thumb by holding it down on the keyboard and sliding from one letter to another until your word appears in the suggested words at the top of the keyboard. Then you can let go and move on to the next word. You don't even need to use the space bar.
And you don't even need to enable it.
Open the control center. To do this on a phone with a home button, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. To do this on a phone without a home button, swipe down from the upper right side of the screen.
That way, you can touch and hold the Wi-Fi icon to bring up a list of available networks without having to dive to into the settings. You can change Bluetooth devices in the same place by touching and holding the Bluetooth icon.


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