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iPhone's Siri gets introduced to Chevy cars

In early 2013, Chevrolet Spark and Chevy Sonic

In early 2013, Chevrolet Spark and Chevy Sonic LTZ and RS models will integrate Apple's voice-activated Siri software into its Chevy MyLink smartphone-based infotainment system. Credit: General Motors

Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant Siri is spreading its disruptive powers beyond just the smartphone market. The technology was released to much fanfare in October 2011 and spawned a lengthy marketing campaign that helped the iPhone stay ahead of the growing competition in the mobile device sector.

Now, it’s behind a major upgrade to some of Chevrolet’s forthcoming lineup of small cars. The automobile manufacturer announced today it is updating its MyLink infotainment system in some 2014-year models of its Sonic and Spark lines to become compatible with Siri. Via Bluetooth pairing, drivers can push a voice-activation button on their steering wheel and make calls, send and receive messages, update their calendars and more without even illuminating the device’s screen.

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