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iPhone tricks you may not know

When you double click the home button on

When you double click the home button on an iPhone, the portrait orientation lock option appears at the bottom of the screen. Credit: Handout

Even if you use your iPhone every day, here are some tips and tricks you may not know about.

1. Lock the screen orientation Tilt the phone to the orientation you want, then double click the home button. Swipe the screen from left to right in the multitasking area that appears at the bottom (or from top to bottom if it appears on the left), then tap the portrait orientation lock (the circular arrow icon). Untap it to unlock portrait orientation.

2. Quickly delete messages You don't have to open emails, text messages or voice mails to delete them. While in list view for any of the above, swipe from left to right across the item you want deleted. A red delete box will appear. Tap delete, and the item is gone.

3. Take a screen grab Whether you want to capture a Web page or your home screen, hold down the home button and press the on/off/ lock button on the top right of the iPhone. You'll see a white flash and hear the camera click. The screen grab will appear in your camera roll.

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