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iTrackBites app review: Cheaper way to manage diet points

If you're dieting, the iTrackBites app helps you

If you're dieting, the iTrackBites app helps you keep track of your food and how many points you've used. However, the Weight Watchers app display is bigger and easier to read. Credit: Newsday / Ronnie Gill

NAME iTrackBites by Ellisapps Inc.

WHAT Track what you eat with this point-system app.

HOW MUCH $3.99 (iTunes), $2.99 (Google Play); in-app upgrades

COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 7.0 or later; Android OS with 4.0.3 or later

WHAT’S GOOD Although this app never invokes the trademarked names, it tracks your food intake and activity with a point system that is equivalent to the Weight Watchers SmartPoints plan. They look a bit different, but iTrackBites and the free app you receive when you join Weight Watchers have many similar functions, including a bar code scanner to get serving point values from food packages, a calculator to compute point values, search functions to look up food points and a community where you can get or give advice to other users. iTrackBites is also a bit more intuitive than the Weight Watchers app and it allows you to use decimals in point values, but its greatest advantage is its price. Pay once and keep it forever, whereas use of the Weight Watchers app is available only as part of an active membership. For small fees ($1.99 each), you can add an online food database, recipe builder, restaurant guide, snack guide and beer guide to iTrackBites.

WHAT’S NOT The Weight Watchers app display is bigger and easier to read, and it has a “save a meal” function, handy if you frequently eat the same foods. Plus, there are many extra advantages you enjoy from joining Weight Watchers, aside from its app.

BOTTOM LINE Track your food so you don’t derail your diet plan.

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