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Good Morning

Kids, don't drive and upload to Facebook

File photo of the Facebook homepage.

File photo of the Facebook homepage. Credit: AP

Chalk this one up under the "You can't make this stuff up" category. A couple of buddies were driving in excess of 160 mph on an Israel highway. They videotaped the escapades and decided to upload the video to Facebook. Besides, cops don't use social networking sites, right? Wrong. Authorities found the video, and slapped the driver with excessive speeding and reckless endangerment. -- via CNN

Get ready for the Google Android 3

As techies rev up for Windows Phone, reports suggest that Google is set to release its next Android, Gingerbread, by the end of October. New features include improved social networking capabilities, an Android Market music store, and a re-hauled user interface. -- via Oneindia

Google market share goes up, Yahoo! goes down. What else is new?

- According to reports, Google's share of the Internet search market improved 0.7 percent, to 66.1 percent in September, while Yahoo! shrunk 0.7 percent, to 16.7 percent. Bing and Ask both had small improvements to 11.2 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively, while AOL was steady at 2.3 percent. My question: Where the heck is Yahooligans? -- via Search Engine Roundtable

Salesman alleges he is partial owner of Facebook

A New York salesman filed a lawsuit claiming he owns 84 percent of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg and Co. are calling the lawsuit a scam. The salesman, Paul Ceglia, said he drew up a contract with Zuckerberg in late 2003 to start "The Face Book" or "The Page Book" by 2004. -- via The Register

Bing and Facebook ramp up partnership

In a joint venture announced yesterday, Bing is bringing Facebook's "Like" functionality to its search engine. Eventually, when you search on Bing, the top results will be influenced by what your friends like. The partnership between the two companies has its roots four years ago. -- via PC World

Friend your boss on Facebook!

National Boss Day is on Oct. 16. Apparently, only 18 percent of employees are "friends" with their boss on social networking sites. Funny that the "holiday" falls on the same date as "Sweetest Day," huh? -- via About

All right, NOW everybody has New Twitter

Everybody now has access to New Twitter. At least, Twitter finally made it official. -- via PC Mag

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