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Kinect's great Disney game and lagging lightsabers

Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer announces Kinect: Disneyland Adventures

Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer announces Kinect: Disneyland Adventures at Microsoft's Xbox Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) news briefing in Los Angeles. (June 6, 2011) Photo Credit: AP

Microsoft’s motion control gaming peripheral was a big hit with consumers this past year, so Bill Gates’ old company is looking to further push out of the tech into the mainstream.

There were a couple of new Kinect titles on the E3 floor.

Kinect Disneyland Adventures allows players to roam the entire Disneyland theme park virtually. You point to where you want to go, and your avatar will walk you through the park.

Within the park there were more than 40 iconic characters to mingle with, including Mickey, Cinderella and Peter Pan. Each one had its own set of interactions like hugging, taking photos (which can be uploaded to your computer) and signing autographs.

Throughout the park, there are “attractions” which are really mini games and challenges. Players will get to conduct fireworks, take part in a parade, help Peter Pan find his shadow or Winnie the Pooh his lost honey.

It’s actually a pretty cool family experience.

On the Kinect’s downside is its new Stars Wars game. In theory, the game is cool – players run around the Star Wars world using a virtual lightsaber as their weapon.

Unfortunately, there is an extremely slow response between your hand slashing movements and its interaction with what is happening on screen. Players can compensate for the lag with slow motions, but Yoda impressed not be, young Jedi.


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