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Kinect Star Wars: Light saber fan's dream

In this video game image released by Microsoft,

In this video game image released by Microsoft, a player wields a virtual light saber against Darth Maul in "Kinect Star Wars." Credit: AP Photo

George Lucas' sprawling "Star Wars" universe has always lent itself to games, even if they were as simple as pretend light saber duels in your backyard.

Kinect Star Wars is a light saber fan's dream title. Using Microsoft's Kinect camera, which translates your motions into on-screen activity, you start with training against floating droids shooting red rays. Eventually you can challenge Darth Vader himself. It's a good upper-body workout, and you get the signature hum of the famous movie weapon.

Pod racing, though, really gets the blood flowing. Using your outstretched arms, you guide your hovering vehicle through a rocky, barren landscape. The racing controls are fairly intuitive, which is essential because there's no steering wheel to hold in your hands. Racing as San Maxus, a devil-horned dude with red skin, we were able to earn enough alien cred to upgrade our pod with turbo speed.

There's also "Rancor Rampage," which lets you take control of a huge, destructive beast. Or if you're in a more peaceful mood, "Galactic Dance Off" lets you bust some moves while Jabba the Hutt looks on. If you're a fan of Harmonix's Dance Central for Kinect, you'll feel right at home.

RATING T for Teen

PLOT Learn the Force, train with your light saber and get a workout

DETAILS Xbox 360, $50

BOTTOM LINE A boost to Kinect


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