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Knight’s Rush hack through the Zs

Knight's Rush App

Knight's Rush App Photo Credit: appmodo

Knight’s Rush
Genre: Action, Adventure, Hack-and-slash
Platform: iPod Touch, iPhone

Action hack-and-slash games are a hard sell on the iPhone and iPod touch due to the small screen. Controls usually restrict your view of the action. This lack of real estate for viewable gaming usualy makes them a huge failure, But if your eye sight is acute, and your into hack-and-slash action game flicks then you might want to give Knights Rush a go.

Knights Rush comes from Chillingo, the makers of Cut the Rope, so hopes are high for a challenge. While the game does increase in difficulty, it runs the all to well known gamut of redundancy most action arcade games face. Which is surprising from publishers such a well thought out game such as Cut the Rope.

Basically you are a small cartoony knight slashing your way through troves of various nasty little enemies. Plot is about as shallow as the iPhone 4 is thick but I would expect nothing less of a game of so little variation. Recent updates give you the ability to upgrade your Knights of which you have 3 choices of armor smashers. The three character types will keep you busy for a while but the game gets old fast. For 99 cents I’d say your better off putting it towards the game Twin Blades.

Knight's Rush Gameplay Video


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