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LetterPad: Word game compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod

LetterPad is a word game compatible with iPhone,

LetterPad is a word game compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod. Credit: NimbleBit LLC

NAME LetterPad

WHAT IS IT A challenging, multilevel game in which you have to find hidden words.


COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, requires iOS 8.0 or later; in the Google Play Store, requires Android 2.3 and up.

WHAT’S GOOD Word nerds, Scrabble addicts and Jumble masters can satisfy their love of language with this anagrammatic app. The object is for players to seek out hidden words to match a specific topic among a group of nine letters. For example, if the theme is Clear Sky, you would tap on each letter to make the appropriate word, in this case, CLOUDLESS. In each of the game’s 232 levels, you’re told how long a word is, and if there are multiple answers to look for. Not surprisingly, the longer you play, the more challenging each level gets. We don’t own one, but apparently you can also play LetterPad on the Apple Watch. LetterPad also lets you create and share your own puzzles with friends and family.

WHAT’S NOT Though we’re not anywhere near the end, it would be nice if the game added more levels. The similar WordBrain, for example, has more than 500 puzzles.

BOTTOM LINE Just too marvelous for words.

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