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Lightybulb Round 3 game will switch on your brain

Lightybulb Round 3 is the latest installment in

Lightybulb Round 3 is the latest installment in the popular puzzle/logic game. Credit: Addicting Games

NAME Lightybulb Round 3 at Addicting Games

WHAT Third iteration of the puzzle game


WHAT’S GOOD You can find all kinds of challenges at Addicting Games (, from strategy to shooters to sports, but our favorite is the puzzle category. And when you need to exercise your brain, the Lightybulb series will give it a good workout. Round 3 arrived early this year, and once again it tests your deductive reasoning to figure out how to turn on a light bulb. If you haven’t tried this series before, start out with Lightybulb and Lightybulb Round 2, which can also be found on the site (type lightybulb in the search window). Don’t be deceived into thinking this is an easy game after you’ve solved the first three or four puzzles. As the game progresses, you’ll increasingly need to tax your gray matter to logic out solutions. Click the option wheel in the top right-hand corner to turn off the music and/or sounds. You can also restart a round here. By the end of Lightybulb Round 3 — if you get that far — your brain will be exhausted, but you’ll also have a sense of accomplishment and superior smarts.

WHAT’S NOT Although this game is for everybody, it can get difficult and is not for the easily frustrated. If you hit a wall, Google “Lightybulb walkthrough” to find YouTube links that will show you solutions for all the puzzles.

BOTTOM LINE Some studies suggest that solving puzzles may help with memory, so playing could be beneficial, too.


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