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Lil’ Pirates gets you addicted to booty

Lil' Pirates

Lil' Pirates Credit: Capcom Mobile

Made for: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
Genre: Games
Price: Free

Free apps are great, but don’t always make an impression other bad memories of ads in your face every page you load. Lil’ Pirates from Capcom Mobile takes a different approach to trying to suck money out of you. They figure you’ll get so into the game, you’ll want to purchase in game items. Which at first you’ll say “I’d never pay for booty” but this game will pull on your heartstrings and tempt you to do the unthinkable.

Lil Pirates is an environment simulation game similar to Farmville or Sim City. You’ll build a ship full of scallywags to help you plunder booty from different missions. Game detail is kiddy but provides and amazingly vast amount of lands to explore. Deck your ship and cloth your crew with a seemingly limitless amount of pirate trinkets. As you level up you’ll acquire more ship members to send out to loot and plunder. Unlock the Treasure Island to uncover buried goodies and hide your spoils. The longer your treasure stays buried, the more value it gains.

Controls are pretty straightforward. Little red bubbles on menu items assist you to learn the different nuances of the game. Every mission is time based, so you’ll do a lot of waiting for crewmembers to finish missions, which lends well to walking the plank of in-game purchases.

Multiplayer options are available via Facebook or Gamecenter to link up your account to your pirate buddies. Help each other out on missions and give each other items to bury or cash in.

If your into simulation games like Farmville and Sim City and not sick of all the pirate puns, you’ll enjoy being a Lil’ Pirate. Give it a try, it’s free.

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