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List of Carrier IQ-equipped devices released

Carrier IQ is preinstalled software that watches what

Carrier IQ is preinstalled software that watches what owners of Sprint Nextel Corp. and AT&T Inc. smartphones do with them, including what people type and the numbers they dial. Credit: AP

Carrier IQ, a telecommunications company, HTC, Sprint and AT&T have been under fire from the U.S. Senate for preinstalling software in smartphones that records and transmits what people type and the numbers they dial.

Led by Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota, who sees this as a serious privacy breach, the companies were asked to send a list of devices with the Carrier IQ software installed in them.

You can see the complete list below or read the official  responses from each company here:

· Carrier IQ: letter and presentation
· AT&T
· Sprint
· Samsung

Here's a compiled list:


AT&T claims about 900,000 users using phones with Carrier IQ.

• Motorola Atrix 2
• Motorola Bravo
• Pantech Pursuit II
• Pantech Breeze 3
• Pantech P5000 (Link 2)
• Pantech Pocket
• Sierra Wireless Shockwave
• LG Thrill
• ZTE Avail
• ZTE Z331
• SEMC Xperia Play

It's also installed but not active "due to the potential for the software agent to interfere with the performance" of the following phones:

• HTC Vivid
• LG Nitro
• Samsung Skyrocket

Carrier IQ is also packaged in the free AT&T Mark the Spot application, available for Android and RIM.


Sprint says that 26 million active Sprint devices have the Carrier IQ software installed. Although they didn't list specific models they mentioned that the devices from the manufacturers below have Carrier IQ installed.

• Audiovox
• Franklin
• Huawei
• Kyocera
• LG
• Motorola
• Novatel
• Palmone
• Samsung
• Sanyo
• Sierra Wireless


Samsung says 25 million phones affected. It has directly installed Carrier IQ at the factory in the following models:

• SPH-Z400
• SPH-M800
• SPH-M220
• SPH-M540
• SPH-M630
• SPH-M320
• SPH-M810
• SPH-M550
• SPH-M240
• SPH-M560
• SPH-M330
• SPH-M850
• SPH-I350
• SPH-M900
• SPH-M350
• SPH-M360
• SPH-M570
• SPH-D700
• SPH-M910
• SPH-M920
• SPH-P100
• SPH-M260
• SPH-M380
• SPH-M820
• SPH-M580
• SPH-D600
• SPH-M930
• SPH-D710

• T989
• T679

• SCH-R500
• SCH-R631
• SCH-R261
• SCH-R380

• SGH-i727


HTC preinstalled Carrier IQ spyware on about 6.3 million  phones:

• Snap
• Touch Pro 2
• Hero
• EVO 4G
• EVO Shift 4G
• EVO Design

• Amaze 4G

• Vivid

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