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Lulu app lets ladies rate their dates, male Facebook friends

Lulu, an app that allows women to rate

Lulu, an app that allows women to rate the men in their lives has launched to mixed reactions. (June 15, 2013) Photo Credit:

Ladies, have you ever dated a guy who was so great -- or so terrible -- that you just couldn't wait to dish about him to all of your friends? That's the idea behind Lulu, an app that launched in February.

Lulu's creator, Alexa Chong, has likened the app to Yelp for rating men and said she sees it as a way for women to review their exes or past dates for other women who may be more compatible instead of just an outlet for trashing them.

The app is only available to female users who are 18 and above. Users can link Lulu to their Facebook account and add their male connections to the app, anonymously providing photos and details. Hashtags are used to make the men searchable by certain characteristics.

Although Chong says that Lulu is not meant to be a place for boy-bashing, not everyone is happy about an app that encourages women to kiss and tell. Interestingly, men are not the most vocal opponents of the app; many women have spoken out about their displeasure with Lulu.

Amanda Hess, who blogs for Slate's XX factor, called Lulu "creepy" and sexist, saying, "This app asks women to publicly sexualize and shame the men in their lives without their consent. It’s the textual equivalent of leaking your ex’s naked pics to the Internet—it’s not wrong because it’s sexual, it’s wrong because it’s nonconsensual."

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