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Madden NFL 2011 comes to iPad, iOS 4

Madden 2011 iPhone

Madden 2011 iPhone Credit: Handout

Electronic Arts unveiled a ton of games July  14 and 15 during  it's secret Hot for the Holidays preview show at the Edison Ballroom in Manhattan, but the biggest surprise was in a slightly smaller package.

EA developers displayed an early test-version of the popular Madden NFL 2011 game on the Apple iPad, bringing a larger playing surface and more features than it's iPhone cousin. iPad specific features included what a developer called "old school" game modes, including "Vintage Voltage Football," a new take on the old figurine-set, vibrating playing surface game.

Both iPhone and iPad's versions of the game will take full advantage of the touch screens on both devices. A new defense mode will allow users to draw out specific plays, selecting players to take alternative routes to the pre-set plays. Slow-motion comes into play on both versions for use on defense, allowing players to twist in-and-around on-coming teams.

Madden NFL 2011 for iPhone and iPod touch should be available for sale on the App Store by Aug. 10. The iPhone version should run about the same price as its 2010 counterpart -- $7.99.

An official EA handout stated that the iPad version would not be available until later this fall. There was no word on the price for the app.

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