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'Mass Effect 3' launches

"Mass Effect 3" launch trailer Photo Credit: Handout

War for Earth has begun, and gamers who've been gearing up for the climactic battle can finally answer the call to arms against the Reapers. "Mass Effect 3" has become one of the most anticipated releases of the calendar year.

Longtime fans will continue their journey based upon their choices made in previous games. New recruits won't feel left out either, as Bioware states that "Mass Effect 3" is the best entry point into the series. I suggest starting a new character from scratch if you have the time to witness the great lengths the developers went to create such a heavily detailed space opera and gaming experience.

No war is won solely on the shoulders of one, so expect the new online multiplayer missions to impact the outcome of the single player campaign. I enjoyed the class-based co-operative gameplay during the EA's annual "Naughty or Nice" event in New York City. The edge-of-your-seat excitement carried over from your role as Cmdr. Shepard into the squad-based "hoard mode," when even my fallen-couched comrades were glued to the action while I was fighting the boss.

"Mass Effect 3" offers countless hours of awesomeness that will be expanded upon in our video review. In the meantime, enlist today and grab a copy of the game for either Xbox 360, PS3 or PC. You cannot find a better value with all there is to offer from the trilogy's conclusion. 


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