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Preview: Metroid M jaw dropping action

Metroid M

Metroid M

Preview: Metroid M
Platform: Wii
Genre: RPG Action, Side Scrolling Action, First Person Shooter

The latest installment of the Metroid series is set to hit the stores in August of this year. Trailers for this game were released in this year’s E3. The developers have seemingly taken all of the best features of the first person shooter Metroid games and infused it with the side scrolling greatness of the originals from NES and SNES.

Toggle between 2D-3D side-scrolling actions to first person mode for targeted shooting. Along with some more physical moves like body slams, tosses, round house kicks and up close blaster attacks. This game looks to be one of the best of the series. As avid Metroid fans, we will be sure to have an extensive review once we get our hands on a copy.

For now, have a peak at the game play trailer and see for yourself.

Metroid M Gameplay

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