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Metroid Other M, back to the roots

In this video game image released by Nintendo,

In this video game image released by Nintendo, a scene from "Metroid: Other M," is shown. (AP Photo/Nintendo) Photo Credit: AP Photo/

Platform: Wii
Title: Metroid Other M
Genre: Action, First Person Shooter

The much anticipated Metroid Other M is out and full of surprises for both fans of the Metroid series and newcomers. Other M pushes the Wii’s hardware to its limits, mashing old-school action-packed gameplay with a an elaborate storyline, helping the classic series bridge the gap between three generations of video gamers.

Metroid Other M is set between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. The opening cinematic sequence depicts the epic fight of Mother Brain from the ending of Super Metroid. The storyline progresses through long epic cinematic sequences.

Although they feature some of the best graphics ever seen in a Metroid title, I found some of the story breaks to be a bit too lengthy to the point where is slowed down the game. The plot is outlined by Samus’s internal monologue, which was a bit shocking, since in none of the other titles has she spoken before. But this new addition brings a more human element to an otherwise iconic hardcore character.

Mechanics and Gameplay
The mechanics of the game have changed dramatically. Instead of the first person shooter setup of the previous Game Cube and Wii Metroid Prime titles, Other M gets back to the NES and SNES roots. The result is a feeling a lot more like Super Metroid on steroids, rather than the point and shoot button masher that was the Metroid Prime titles.

When the controller is held horizontally, the game plays in third person 3D mode, which you spend most of your playtime in. When the controller is pointed at the screen, the game changes to a first-person view, where players can explore their surroundings, find hidden items and passage ways, fire missiles, and blast enemies with more precision.

I found myself stumbling over the controllers in the training mode, but quickly learned the new system. Although this setup will initially feel oh-so-wrong, you’ll quickly realize the advantages that will eventually unfold from the new Wii controller mechanics.

Boss Fights, Weapons & Abilities
Mastery of the gameplay will become vital, as boss fights force you to swap between the two view modes frequently to dodge and fend off attacks. Each boss has their weaknesses, which you will need to exploit using all your active weapons. As always, as you progress through the game, you will be adding a variety of weapons to your arsenal. Each weapon adds another facet to fighting, keeping the game play unique, challenging and addictive.

Morph ball mode remains mainly unchanged, except for the jump ability (usually acquired) is a default ability at start of the game. Super Bombs are back and highly lethal which is made hugely apparent by your commanding officer in the beginning stages of the game.

Levels are extremely detailed in both third person and first person mode. The two views blend seamlessly to give you a in-depth feel of the environments. One downfall of the new setup is the lack of exploration you can do. Some environments are limited to the amount of accessible areas contrary to the previous Prime titles.

Bottom Line
Metroid Other M is a mashup of the classic heroine tale, insane action, and classic Prime gameplay. The game is a must experience for the Wii console.

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