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Mophie juices up your idevices

Mophie iPhone 4 case line up. Available in

Mophie iPhone 4 case line up. Available in a wide array of colors and battery size.

Mobile chargers are the newest rage in giving your mobile devices an extra boost of juice on the run. These nifty inventions are great for people always traveling or who spend long periods of time away from a charge. The Mophie juice pack plus and juice pack air sets out to solve this age-old dilemma.

Mophie cases are quite literally some of the best-designed iPhone and iPod Touch cases out there. Brilliantly crafted they slide graciously over you device giving you added protection as well as up to ¾ of an additional charge. Now the Juice pack plus is said to have more capacity but we had yet to get a better charge on the plus over the air. Both seemed to add the same additional charge.

With any case for iPhone or iPod touch your looking to add bulk to your phone. The juice packs definitely adds, but we found the design added welcomed grip when playing games and typing which is a pleasant addition. Also the case hugs the bottom speaker deflecting the sound forward when you you’re hand would usually block the speaker when holding your idevice horizontal.

The best features of the cases are the charge and sync capability, which eliminates the need to remove you’re device from the case. A stand by switch that toggles charging on and off and a LED power indicator. The case adds a decent amount of protection, which is good but its durability left a bit to be desired. Dropping the juice pack air for iPhone directly on the charging jack bent the case a bit.

The main drawback of the case is definitely the added bulk. If you’re looking for a streamlined case your most likely not going to find one with an added battery. But if you’re away from a charge, going on a long trip, or play lots of gaming apps the Mophie Juice pack air is quite possibly he best rechargeable battery case on the market. The juice pack air goes for $79.95 on Amazon and the Plus for $99.95 and is available in a variety of colors. Form more info check out


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