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MOVA globes: Watching the world twirl via solar power

The MOVA globe rotates on its own, without

The MOVA globe rotates on its own, without using any external power cords. Credit: MOVA International

NAME MOVA globes

WHAT THEY ARE Globes that rotate on their own.

COST $125-$500

WHAT’S HOT Beautiful and fascinating in their simplicity, MOVA globes rotate without using external power cords. What you are seeing is an internal ball with graphics floating in an almost friction-free liquid and slowly spinning within an external clear shell. Inside the ball is a small motor powered by solar cells that absorb ambient light permeating the seemingly opaque graphics. The motor, which is attached to a shaft held stationary by a strong compass magnet, rotates the ball using light energy plus the pull of the Earth’s magnetic field. We learned about the physics by watching YouTube videos by its creator, Bill French, but it is not necessary to know how they work to enjoy these globes. They come in three sizes (4 1⁄2 , 6 and 8 1⁄2 inches) and include a stand. The graphics range from world maps in a variety of colors and patterns, to space (planetary, constellation) and sports (soccer, basketball, baseball) themes. They’re a great eco-friendly gift for students, sports enthusiasts or anyone looking to enhance their decor.

WHAT’S NOT The price, but the smaller globes (which come in the most patterns) are just as impressive as the larger ones. Because of the magnet, globes may have trouble operating near massive iron objects (such as a refrigerator) or in high-rise buildings (iron girders). Avoid placing anything that can be affected or damaged by a magnetic field (such as an implanted pacemaker) near the globe’s north pole magnet.

INFO; available at Things Remembered stores in Walt Whitman Shops, South Shore, Sunrise, Smith Haven, Green Acres and Roosevelt Field malls,,

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