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Mr. Driller is a steal for the DS

mr driller

mr driller

Console: DS, DSi, DSi XL
Cost: 500 Nintendo Points
Game Title: Mr. Driller - Drill till you Drop

The new DSi XL has expanded my horizons on purchasing DSiWare games. With the built in memory it has me scouring the DSWare shop for gems to download. Mr. Driller had me skeptical at first. With all of its cartoony pop characters it looks like some kind of power puff girls rendition of a puzzle game. But I’ll have to say I was surprised.

Think of it as backwards Tetris. You pick from a selection of the toonie characters to drill your way through a series of colored blocks. As you drill you grab air, which allows you to drill through x blocks if you find yourself stuck. Blocks are connected with colors, so once you drill a block it causes a chain reaction. You’ll have to obey the laws of gravity and make sure you don’t crush yourself with overhanging blocks.

Bottom line, the game is a steal at 500 Nintendo points and is a must download for DS puzzle fanatics.

Mr. Driller - Drill to you drop Gameplay

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