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Netflix raises price of DVD-streaming combo plan

Netflix Price: $107, one year subscription For gamers


Price: $107, one year subscription

For gamers who like the occasional movie, a Netflix subscription could provide a good break time in between gaming sessions. Apart from DVD and Blu-rays, most memberships also include unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows that can be viewed with either and Xbox or PS3.

But beware, the person redeeming the gift card must enter their own credit/debit card information.

Netflix is announcing a new pricing system that will make the DVD-only option cheaper but  jack up the price of the bundled DVD and streaming services plan nearly 50 percent.

Subscribers of the unlimited DVDs per month (one at a time) plan will now pay $7.99 per month – that’s down from $9.99. Great, right? Well, that price reduction will strip those customers of the ability to access the Netflix streaming content.

Those who want both DVD rentals and unlimited streaming service will be charged more. Instead of paying the current $9.99-per-month fee for unlimited streaming and unlimited DVD rentals, customers will  pay $15.98 a month.

The $7.99 streaming only option remains unchanged. The Blu-ray option will be $2 on top of any plan.

Netflix says current members will be able to stay on their current plans until Sept. 1, but new members will see these rates effective immediately.

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