Netflix has made a deal with Warner Bros. that puts a 28-day delay on renting  the studio's new releases.

What  this means for film fans is that during the first 28 days a new Warner Bros. movie is out on DVD, Netflix members will either have to wait another month to see the movie, get it On Demand, buy it on DVD, rent it from the old school rental stores, or turn to piracy.

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In exchange for the delayed release, Warner Bros. will be offereing more movies on Netflix's live streaming service from its vault, which looks pretty lame.

Warner Bros. is hoping Netflix members will turn to the "buy the new DVD" option, as the movie industry is in the mist of DVD sale slump. If this goes well for Warner Bros., expect other studios to strike similar deals.

All-in-all with the slew of options out there, this deal is an incovenience for Netflix members. They will find other ways to watch new releases, and possibly stumble upon another cheaper and more convenient options for watching movies.