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Ninja Gaiden returns with deeper story, more action

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Screenshot from "Ninja Gaiden 3." Credit: Handout

Tecmo’s classic ninja franchise is set to return next month with a richer story line and deeper characters in Ninja Gaiden 3. Ryu Hayabusa returns as our merciless hero, but this time around players will learn what drives him to be primeval and violent.

We recently got the chance to play a near final version of the game. Although the developer, Team Ninja, gave Ninja Gaiden 3 a plot-heavy theme with sweeping cinematic mini-movies, the action we’ve all come to expect from the franchise is still there.

The game features easy “hack and slash” controls. Depending on the situation, a basic three-button combo can produce stunning graphic sequences. Also, there are some acrobatic maneuvers that Ryu can use, including climbing walls, gliding through the air, and dodging for devastating counterattacks.

More important, close combat mechanics have improved, giving players a more intuitive experience when deciding how to approach a set of enemies.

Apart from the general story mode, the game has online multiplayer, with both co-op and competitive modes. Check out the trailer above to see 'Ninja Gaiden 3’s' online multiplayer trailer.

The game is rated “M” for mature and is set to hit shelves March 20, for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


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