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Nintendo 3DS brings 3-D to mobile gaming

Nintendo 3DS mobile gaming system

Nintendo 3DS mobile gaming system Photo Credit: Nintendo

The tech gods have spoken and 3-D viewing is in. Nintendo has embraced the buzz and is the first to bring 3-D gaming technology to market. Now I’m a huge fan of 3-D movies in the theater, but when it comes to home viewing of 3-D technology, manufacturers have a long way to go. That said, Nintendo has done a great job enhancing the DS and bringing it into the three-dimensional realm.

At first glance the 3DS is pretty. With a metallic top and slew of color options, it's a great-looking device. One thing you’ll notice from the get-go is the weight: It’s noticeably heavy. Comparable in weight to the DSXL, the 3DS is slightly thicker than the original DS. In an era of slim, lightweight devices, the 3DS would seem to be behind the times.

To back up its weight, Nintendo has incorporated improved features in addition to the 3-D screen. Some of the features not found on older DS models are motion and gyro sensors, analog control pad, telescopic stylus and a 3-D camera. Also included are some quirky pre-installed games guaranteed to get the kids giggling and clamoring about. New games fall in line with other DS embedded titles that allow you to take photos and record sounds to be used in fun mini games.

These features are great, but how is the 3-D, you ask? Well it’s not bad, considering you have the ability to adjust the depth of the 3-D screen. I found it a bit jarring that only the top screen has the 3-D option. Looking back and forth between the flat and 3-D screen made my eyes tired. I found myself setting the top screen to flat just to lessen the strain.

Bottom line: The 3DS has some great features. People who already own a DSi can save their money. For new DS buyers, the 3DS is definitely the top-model DS system on the market. With the ability to adjust 3-D depth, a large bank of upcoming games and a slew of new features, the 3DS nevertheless takes mobile gaming to the next dimension.

The 3DS runs $249.99 and comes with the aforementioned features and a charging cradle.


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