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NyxQuest Kindred Spirits a WiiWare Favorite

NyxQuest Kindred Spirits

NyxQuest Kindred Spirits Photo Credit: Matthew Cassella

Platform: Wii
Genre: Side Scrolling Action
Platform: Wii
Available on Wii Ware

Not many games out there have the attribute of being soothing to play. NyxQuest is an exception. With a beautifully executed soundtrack this game will sooth as well as challenge your gaming skills.

The developers have successfully utilized the unique controls of the Wii to build a game that fulfills the side scroll loving gamer within. Based on the Greek fable of Nyx & Icarus, you control Nyx through ancient ruins of Greece in her search for her beloved Icarus. Abilities include short fluttering flight, gliding, and the power of Zeus. Avoid winded harpies; navigate shadow cast environments all to an exceptionally produced sound track.

This game is definitely one of the better WiiWare games I’ve experienced. Demo is currently available for download. Check it out and you be the judge.

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