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OCS1 brings PC Gaming mobile

The OCS1 and OCS9 devices are the most

The OCS1 and OCS9 devices are the most powerful handheld gaming devices on the market and are capable of running the most demanding of online and desktop PC games. Credit: OCOSMOS

OCS1 brings PC Gaming mobile

I'm a Mac guy at heart but always loved the versatility and variety that PC gaming has. Lots more titles to choose from and they inherently give you some great features and playability that console gaming just doesn’t have. For all you Mac enthusiasts who either don’t want to add another computer to your collection or for people looking to play PC games on the go, this device looks to be the answer to your woes.

Today, Korean-based OCOSMOS is unveiling 2 devices said to be optimized for gaming and office work that run a full version of Windows 7. Taking cues from people who were disgusted at the iPad for not running a full version of OS X the OCS1 TC and OCS9 Tablet promise to quell your frustration with windows.

Having the ability to play WOW, Starcraft II or Civilization on the go has my interest in this device peaked.

Both devices feature:

• Windows 7 Home Premium OS
• Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity
• 1024 x 600 pixel resolution capacitive touch screen
• Front and rear cameras (1.3MP Webcam in front, 3.1MP camera in back)
• A microphone for video chat sessions
• Unique OMOS Key Interface: useful as dual joystick, mouse, and customizable for character input
• microSD Memory Card Expansion Slots
• Gyroscope/Acceleromete

We haven’t gotten a chance to get our hands on this device for a full review bit this product is definitely something to watch out for.

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