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Preview: Dead Space 2 more variety? Or a multiplayer nightmare?

Dead Space 2

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The new installment of Dead Space is promising a drastic change of the repetitiveness of the first title. Dead Space although a hit in the horror genre, had a major downfall of not giving players a sense of advancement. Many avid gamers felt the title didn’t have the replay value that titles like Resident Evil 5 had. Boards were virtually the same and the environments and enemies, although creepy as hell, didn’t have the depth and uniqueness that keep you coming back for more.

EA developers are on a mission to change this vital flaw in the game. Dead Space 2 takes on a whole new life with unique and custom environments including a new “zero g” mode gearing the game up to have some great new features to keep gamers hooked.

The basic idea of the game still remains intact. An alien being possesses humans creating an onslaught of different horrific mutations. This time, the setting is a bit different. Rather than taking place on an abandon spaceship, Dead Space 2 take place on a space colony. Allowing the developers to expand the landscape and create new more interesting environments to ensure gut wrenching suspense and frightful encounters.

Previews of game artwork and video interviews all seem promising but a confirmation of multiplayer makes me a bit skeptical of the developers focus. Not all games need to have multiplayer and dead space is no exception.

Developers Talk About Dead Space 2

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