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Puzzle Pleasure: Stone Loops of Jurassica

Stone Loops Screenshot

Stone Loops Screenshot Photo Credit: Matthew Cassella

Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, Windows, Mac
Genre: Puzzle

Rarely is there an app that makes you play so long that you battery goes dead. Stone loops of Jurassica will keep you glued until that last bit of battery juice.

Puzzle games have hit their target with the iPhone and iPod Touch. Stone Loops excels in the puzzle arena with simple controls and addictive stone blasting fun. Stones of varying colors are fed through a track pushed by some strange Jurassic minion. Your task is to use a barrage of different colored stones to create sequences of 4 or more to cause a chain reaction of exploding stones. Choose from regular shoot mode and grab and shoot. Special abilities you collect allow you to blow up larger sets of stones. This game is a must have to your iPhone or iPod Touch app library.

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