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Report: iPad to ship "within the next 100 days"

Apple manufacturer Foxconn Electronics is reportedly assembling iPad 2 for shipment within the next  “100 days, ” according to a report  from Digitimes,  a site dedicated to industry news surrounding the supply and manufacturing side of the electronic world.

If the report is correct, this iPad should be hitting  Apple stores in the United States sometime in March or April. Foxconn is rumored to be building 400,000 to 600,000 iPads in China for the intial shipment.

The report is in line with Apple's traditional start-of-year releases.

The Internet has been abuzz with speculation on the specs of the second generation iPad. A front-facing camera for live web conferencing is a strong favorite for an upgrade.  Other rumors include, flash support, a USB port, Retina Display (like the iPhone 4), more RAM, bigger HD, faster single-core processor and a 7-inch version of the iPad.

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