NAME Reshade Image Resizer (

WHAT IT DOES The app can enlarge and enhance images.

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COMPATIBLE WITH Windows XP or later, with 100MB storage and 128MB internal memory; supports 32- and 64-bit CPUs, JPEG, TIFF and PNG formats, and color modes RGB and CMYK.

WHAT’S GOOD When you try to enlarge a low-resolution picture, you automatically lose clarity and detail. This program allows you to crisply increase the size of your photos without blur, jagged edges or loss of sharpness. In fact, with the pictures we tested, the new larger ones look sharper and cleaner than the originals. Download the program and follow the setup instructions. Once the program installs and opens, experiment with its controls by using the supplied sample photo. Select the resolution you want to change the photo to and a portion of the photo to test to see what the output will look like. Use the Denoise and Reduce Artifacts slides to reduce noise and smooth out the image. You’ll also want to increase Texture to sharpen the resized image. Import photos from your computer by clicking the “open” button. When you are satisfied with the results after manipulating the photo, click the “save” button and select the location to which you want to save. This is an especially great application for older photos from pre-digital or early digital days. The manual and FAQ tabs at the manufacturer’s website have full directions on how to use the software and answer questions you may have.

WHAT’S NOT We haven’t found any flaws with Reshade.

BOTTOM LINE Fix your photos like a professional for free.