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Resident Evil 7 review: Scarily entertaining survival horror

In Resident Evil 7, you're Ethan Winters, just

In Resident Evil 7, you're Ethan Winters, just an average guy trying to find his missing wife. Credit: CAPCOM

PLOT Don’t look in the basement — or anyplace else in this house of evil.

RATED M for Mature

DETAILS PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC; $59.99

BOTTOM LINE Evil has never been so sinfully good.

Resident Evil 7 is a swift return to form for the franchise with enough gore and puzzles to delight fans everywhere.

Players take up the role of Ethan Winters, an average man whose wife, Mia, has been presumed dead for three years. Then one day, he receives a short message from Mia inviting him to pick her up from a plot of land in the Louisiana bayou. While on Mia’s trail Ethan encounters the insane and repugnant Baker family — Matron Marguerite, terrifying Jack (“Daddy” to you), and scarily intelligent and vindictive Lucas, who relentlessly pursue you in their home. They have no qualms about letting you scurry about under the house, as they’re secure in the knowledge that there’s nowhere for you to go. It’s a decadently evil game of cat and mouse as you uncover secrets placed throughout the house and desperately try to piece together the obvious puzzle before you.

While traveling from tunnels below the house to trails throughout the woods, it’s easy to lose your way. Mia acts as a driving force to keep you going, even as you edge through tight spaces crawling with centipedes and stave off gooey, oozing monsters called the Molded. If you’re good with your weapons and able to navigate the game’s twisting labyrinths, the Molded soon become less of a terrifying roadblock and more of an annoyance as you make your way through.

Resident Evil was in dire need of fresh characters, ideas and mechanics. From top to bottom it’s clear this was a project that was handled with great care, with excellent voice acting, gruesome surprises and scenes you’ll be scratching your head about for days to come.

To all Resident Evil fans out there, welcome home. You’re going to enjoy your stay with the Bakers.

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