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Review: Deus Ex can get under your skin

In this video game image released by Square

In this video game image released by Square Enix, Spy Adam Jensen looks for clues in a media company's headquarters in a scene from, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Photo Credit: AP

If you could replace any part of your body with a more powerful mechanical substitute, where would you start? Do you get new legs that let you jump higher and run faster? New eyes that let you see through walls? Or skin implants that make you invisible for a few seconds?

Adam Jensen, the hero of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, can handle any of them. He doesn't have much choice; in the prologue, he's critically wounded by a bomb at a lab run by his employer, Sarif Industries.

Sarif is the military's leading supplier of human replacement parts. And since Jensen is Sarif's security chief, he needs to hunt down those responsible for the attack. He's already half-man and half-machine, but you get to pick which parts of Jensen get upgraded, and your choices will affect your approach to the story.

Almost every situation in Deus Ex can be handled in several ways. Faced with a warehouse of armed guards, do you kill them all or try to sneak past? Or do you look for another solution say, hacking the security robots so they turn against the guards?

Whatever strategy you choose, you need the right augmentations. If you're trigger-happy, you're going to need a dermal armor implant. Stealthy agents will want to invest in a sound suppressor and upgrade their hacking skills.

RATING M for Mature

PLOT Man meets machine

DETAILS Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, $60; PC, $50


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