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Review: Knack II improves gameplay, but story could use work

Knack II builds on its family-friendly gameplay with

Knack II builds on its family-friendly gameplay with puzzles for different skill levels. Credit: Sony

PLOT Size matters for the title character.

RATED E 10+ for Everyone 10 and older

DETAILS PlayStation 4

BOTTOM LINE A cut above its predecessor.

When Knack launched with the PlayStation 4, it didn’t necessarily stand out visually. With Knack II, the title character returns with a more refined gameplay. Players can instantly switch between the big Knack and small Knack. The big version grows as players collect more relics. Knack turns small as he sheds his extra parts and turns into a child-sized version of himself, capable of running through narrow passageways or air ducts. The level design has a heavy dose of platforming and puzzle-solving. Knack II is more inventive than its predecessor, but still follows some of the tropes of past games. All of this creates a family-friendly project that’s more than the sum of its parts but still needs work on character development and storytelling.

— East Bay Times (TNS)

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