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Good Afternoon

Review: L.A. Noire is stylistic 1940's crime thriller

L.A Noire gameplay.

L.A Noire gameplay. Credit: Rockstar

With the recent release of L.A. Noire, gamers finally have the opportunity to investigate crime scenes, interrogate suspects, and chase down perps. As rookie detective Cole Phelps, players will scour the streets of 1940’s Los Angeles in search of murderers, arsonists, and robbers.

L.A. Noire is unique from other games in the realism of the character’s facial expressions. Players will be able to tell whether suspects are lying or being truthful by observing their expressions during conversations. L.A. Noire also has a beautifully recreated version of 1940’s Los Angeles for the player to explore while tackling story and side missions.

Excellent voice acting and writing are complemented by the game’s extremely mature subject matter, which keeps Noire strictly in the range of adults only. Gamers may be surprised at the game's slow paced nature, as players spend a good deal of time searching for clues and suspects.

Bottom Line: With its mature and oftentimes disturbing subject matter, L.A. Noire is a fascinating if not flawed game that will keep adult audiences riveted to their screen until the final case is completed.

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