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Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, its on

Ok, just pull over. You don't have a

Ok, just pull over. You don't have a hope. MERCEDES-BENZ SLR MCLAREN 722 EDITION COP CAR Credit: Electronic Arts Inc.

Title: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
Console: XBox360, PS3
Genre: Racing, Action

You pull up to the line with your Porsche Boxter, engines revving, you speed off the line, tires screeching. Driving into oncoming traffic, you near miss a pedestrian car, maxing your nitro. Punching the boost you pass the leader only to notice a cop car on the side median speeding off in your wake. Adrenaline pumping to the beat of Deadmau5 – Sofi needs a ladder, you drive recklessly, gaining more nitro as the cop speeds up in your rear view. Punching the accelerator you turn into an embankment, slamming the cop into the rail. You watch your rear view as the cop tumbles off the road. The game complements your deviance, and that’s just your first race.

Warning, don’t play this game if you hate exotic cars, fast paced action, adrenaline rushes, late nights, and blistering speed. If you do, stop reading and go buy this game. If your still not convinced this is one of the best in the Need for Speed series, I’ll do my best to convince you.

Need for Speed focuses less on story and more on just racing. Giving you two play modes to bath your self in. You can guess from the name of the game the police or street racer will be your title. Each mode has its own levels, from 1 - 20, 20 being the biggest and badest of the genre. Racers will face duels, time trials, races and more. Officers run a similar gauntlet of race options but with other modes like disabling street racers and heading off suspects.

In either mode racing is insane and gives bonuses for driving recklessly in the form of bounty and in race nitro. Speed is the name of the game. As you slide, drift, near miss and drive on the wrong side of the road, you’ll gain nitro to help you propel your self into blistering speeds. The core of the game is simple and easy to pick up. After a couple races I was back in the NFS driving mode like riding a bike.

Building up bounty will boost your levels and unlock some of the hottest cars both as a street racer and an officer. Never seen a tricked out Lamborghini Murcielago cop car? Well that’s your second race as a police officer and it only gets better. As you progress you’ll unlock different weapons as well to wax your opponents. Spike strips and EMPs to name a few. This NFS is less focused on customizing and more on straight racing and beating your friend’s best times.

At the first briefing of the social aspect of the game it seemed complicated, but I quickly found that it was all integrated, and integrated well. As you race the game will suggest you beat the best times of your friends. Brag about your achievements on your wall, which is a simpler version of a Facebook wall or Twitter feed. One of your friends beat your time? Just select the wall post and go straight to the race to try your luck at smoking them.

Bottom line: Racing fans must have this game. With the fast paced racing, chiseled graphics, and well-designed social/multiplayer integration you’ll be sure to keep your friends on their toes and the tach pinned in the red.

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