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Review: Orb Audio, quality in small package

Orb Audio Mod2 satellites

Orb Audio Mod2 satellites Photo Credit:

Are you looking for some great surround-sound speakers but don’t have a boatload of cash to fork over for a Bose system? Are you looking for great sound to fill a small room?

Well, Orb Audio's satellite home audio surround-sound systems are worth a look.

Each speaker looks, well, like an orb, making them a bit of a fashion statement. So I was a bit skeptical when we received the review units, but these balls of sound are no joke -- they definitely pack a serious punch. And yet they don’t overwhelm.

The speakers come in different mounted sets (side by side and vertically stacked). Mounted types for the center channel are set side by side. The other mounted set stacks the orbs on top of each other for right and left channel applications. Each set is accompanied with a Super Eight or Uber Ten subwoofer, depending on how much boom you crave.

We tested the Super Eight and were very pleased with the sound quality and bass punch.

The satellite speakers come in a variety of color finishes.

Orb Audio also offers accessories, like wall mounts and larger speaker stands, to help further customize your system.

The base price for the Mod 1 system -- which includes five single Orbs for each speaker, plus the Super Eight or Uber Ten subwoofer -- will run you $798. The system does not come with an amp, which is a bit of a drawback. But you can snag you’re own home theater receiver for as low as $150 to power the speakers. That’s a huge savings as compared to Bose’s base 5.1 system, which will run you $2,000.

More information on power handling and pricing is available on the orb audio website.


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