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Review: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy a twist on buddy adventure

The novelty of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is

The novelty of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a buddy adventure featuring two women. Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

PLOT Two women are on a massive treasure hunt.

RATED T for Teen

DETAILS PlayStation 4; $39.99

BOTTOM LINE The real treasure is the bond between the female protagonists.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, the latest installment in the treasure-hunting series, takes place in India and stars Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, who move up from their supporting roles. The pair is after the tusk of Ganesh, which lies hidden in the ruins of the Hoysala Empire.

They have to deal with Asav, a fanatical insurgent, hellbent on finding the Indian relic and using it for his own means. The campaign becomes a race to the artifact, complete with gunfights and puzzles, as players encounter Asav’s army and the traps left by Hoysalan kings. The Lost Legacy follows the familiar beats of the series but breaks new ground by having two female leads in a buddy adventure.

The friendship between the two women and the chemistry they share is the game’s strong suit. No matter how insane or far-fetched the circumstances, the relationship between them is the bedrock on which the campaign is built and what will keep players charging through the story.

The Lost Legacy plays a lot like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Chloe has a grappling hook that she uses to swing to faraway areas. The piton helps her access ledges that are just out of reach. Meanwhile, stealth is key to surviving combat. It’s more efficient to hide in tall grass and eliminate Asav’s thugs one by one, rather than attack head-on.

The puzzles, while clever, don’t offer anything novel. The same goes for combat, which would benefit from a way for players to manipulate enemies during stealth. Having a move to lure foes away from a squad is now a must.

Although there isn’t a lot new in The Lost Legacy, it’s still a worthy adventure, one that highlights the type of storytelling Naughty Dog does best.

— East Bay Times (TNS)

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