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Samsung Galaxy Camera gets outfitted with Wi-Fi

Samsung launched a Wi-Fi-enabled version of its Galaxy

Samsung launched a Wi-Fi-enabled version of its Galaxy Camera that's set to hit stores April 2013. Credit: Samsung

While Facebook unveiled its latest plans to enter the ever-competitive smartphone sector, one of the sector’s existing giants, Samsung, has been spending a lot of time lately on digital cameras. On Thursday, the company launched a Wi-Fi version of its Galaxy Camera.

The $449.99 device, set to hit stores later this month, functions on the same Android operating system deployed by Galaxy smartphones, but ditches phone call capabilities in favor of a high-performing lens.

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Why bother rolling out digital cameras just as phone cameras are finally becoming respectable? Precisely because of the social applications those phone cameras have helped popularize. As email, blogs, Facebook and Instagram make sharing photos easier than ever, people are beginning to care about the quality of those photos, Samsung representatives told last month. The electronic giant is finding that more people want better quality images — and, especially, better zoom — than what’s available on cellphone cameras.

To that end, the Galaxy Camera features a 21x optical zoom and 16 megapixel resolution. It comes in a much thicker, heavier package than the typical smartphone, but it’s just as easy to share and edit photos thanks to its similarly oversized touch screen and, now, Wi-Fi capabilities. It also has the “Best Photo” feature that snaps multiple shots at once so that users can capture the ideal combination of poses in a group shot. Visit the Samsung site to learn more about the phone’s features.

While the Galaxy Camera maintains the highest profile of the bunch, Samsung has been developing an entire line of so-called “smart” cameras with Wi-Fi connectivity for photo enthusiasts across all skill levels — from compact point and shoot to NX cameras with removable lenses.

So what do you think? Would you lug around another pricey piece of technology in the interest of better photos? Or are you content with the quality of image your cellphone snaps?

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