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Satechi StandHub: A perfect polish for your Apple

The Satechi Stand Hub sits perfectly under the

The Satechi Stand Hub sits perfectly under the Apple Mac Mini M1 computer. Credit: Satechi/TNS

WHAT Satechi's Stand Hub with SSD Enclosure

WHAT IT DOES This all-in-one hub does exactly what Satechi sets out for it to do, make everyday life more convenient by acting as a computer stand and a hub. It connects to the computer with a single USB-C connection via a built-in 5.4-inch cable from the back to plug into one of the mini’s USB-C slots. There’s no need for any other power supply.

THE COST $99.99


WHAT'S HOT The Satechi Stand Hub mirrors the Mac Mini in design with its brushed silver aluminum alloy finish. Measuring 7.8-by-7.8-by-0.9 inches, it sits perfectly under the Apple Mac Mini M1 computer with a top side platform that is raised to provide a space to allow heat and air to ventilate, preventing overheating. Four rubber feet sit on the bottom to keep the hub raised off the desktop.

Seven easy-access hubs are built into the front, which includes a single USB-C port, three USB-A data transfer ports, SD and microSD memory card readers, and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. The USB ports are for syncing and data transfer, not charging.

But what makes this stand out is the bottom side SSD enclosure where you can add your SSD drive for storage expansion or a perfect Time Machine. Inside SSD the storage compartment is a small screwdriver and screw to assist with the simple installation.

WHAT'S NOT It's a little on the pricey side.

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