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Save your Web finds with

Do you ever find yourself discovering stories, videos and images on the Internet that you don't have the time to view when you see them? You no longer have to click past that interesting item and lose it, or try to find it again later.

A free subscription to Pocket ( easily keeps Web pickings for you to view at your convenience. The site saves content with a click and makes it available on your phone, tablet or computer. Pocket is integrated into more than 300 apps and is available for devices and platforms that include iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Android, Google Chrome and Firefox.

The easiest way to save something to Pocket on your computer is to drag its bookmark button onto your browser toolbar. When you land on content you want to retain, click the icon and it will be saved to your Pocket account.

The site lets you view your saves as a list or as titled thumbnails. You can search your list by title or url, and content can be ordered by newest or oldest items first, by title or by website. When you are done with an item, it can be deleted, archived or marked as a favorite.

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