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Scosche's PowerUp 600 Torch is a 3-in-1 emergency device for your car

Scosche's Powerup 600 Torch is an all-in-one car

Scosche's Powerup 600 Torch is an all-in-one car jump starter, flashlight and powerbank. Credit: TNS/Scosche

WHAT Scosche’s Powerup 600 Torch

WHAT IT DOES The portable emergency device is an all-in-one car jump starter, flashlight and power bank and is compact enough to fit in a glove compartment. But when an emergency occurs, this is a remarkable device to have.

THE COST $99.99


WHAT'S HOT Inside the 10.5-by-2.375-inch, 23.5-ounce torch is a high-capacity 29.6 watt-hour lithium polymer with a peak jump starting current of 600 amps, which can jump-start gas vehicles up to 5.0 liters/V8 or diesel engines up to 2.0 liters.

The included jumper cables should be used like any others, red to red and black to black. A fully charged Powerbank 600 Torch is rated to jump-start a car up to three times before it needs to be charged.According to Scosche, extensive safety features include a spark-free six-point safety protection system. Included are protection against short circuits, reverse connections, reverse charges, overheating and overcurrent. A built-in time-out function automatically shuts off once a vehicle has been jumped and started.

Without the removable and included jumper cables, the Powerup 600 Torch has the appearance of a flashlight, rated at 8 watts, 1250 lux at 18 feet. The flashlight has four built-in modes including SOS.

On the bottom, a protective cap can be removed for access to a 5-volt/2.4-amp standard USB charging port for charging smartphones, tablets, GPS units or most any other USB device needing a boost. Right above the USB port is where the jumper cables are connected. A battery level indicator is in between.

WHAT'S NOT Three devices in one without all the bulk? What's not to love?

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