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Secret Calculator + keeps your phone’s photos and files private

Secret Calculator + is a secret vault app

Secret Calculator + is a secret vault app masked by a calculator that can be used to keep your photos, files and other information private from prying eyes. Credit: One Wave AB

NAME Secret Calculator + by One Wave AB

WHAT Hide your photos and more from prying eyes.

COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 8.0 or later

HOW MUCH Free; premium upgrade $19.99 a year

WHAT’S GOOD If the privacy of your data and browsing is of prime importance, you may want to consider this “ghost” app. It hides behind a functional calculator icon (thus its name). To access the app, type in a four-digit pass code plus the percentage key. Once inside, you can create albums to store pictures and videos, write notes, store files, create contact information, store passwords and use a browser. Upon opening the app, you will be offered a 30-day trial of the premium product (if you agree, it’s $19.99 after 30 days), which provides unlimited storage, browsing and backup; break-in reports (the app snaps a picture of the intruder with the device’s camera), and other features. We refused the trial, but some of these features seem to be working anyway, presumably for 30 days.

WHAT’S NOT It is unclear how much storage space or browsing free users receive or whether they can copy or export photos they import into the app. If you don’t fill in an email address under “recoverable pass code” you’ll never be able to retrieve a lost or forgotten pass code. The app doesn’t provide a way to contact the company if you can’t get into it, but there is a One Wave AB Facebook page where you can message them.

BOTTOM LINE You don’t need to be James Bond to own this stealthy app.

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