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Serial Reader iOS app feeds you daily bites of classic books

Serial Reader -- Classic Books in Daily Bits

Serial Reader -- Classic Books in Daily Bits is a free app that delivers portions of classic novels to your mobile device each day. Credit: Serial Reader

NAME Serial Reader — Classic Books in Daily Bits

WHAT Read a library of classics in bite-size pieces.

COMPATIBLE WITH iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 8.0 or later

HOW MUCH Free (premium upgrade $2.99)

WHAT’S GOOD If you’ve never found the time to read classic literature such as “Pride and Prejudice,” “Les Misérables” or “War and Peace” — or just found it too daunting — this is the app for you. Select a book — or books (there are more than 150 and new ones are added weekly) — and you will receive a daily snippet of it to digest. Installments take less than 20 minutes to read and vary in size depending on the book and where a logical break would occur. Books can be read vertically or horizontally on your device. You can adjust font type and size, column width and even the color of the type and screen background. You also can select what time segments arrive each day. As you scroll through the pages, the app tracks the percentage of the section you’ve completed. If you just can’t wait for the next chapter, you can purchase the premium edition which allows you to read ahead.

WHAT’S NOT We wish the app was a bit more intuitive. Trying to return to the home screen was confusing; you must either tap or scroll back through the pages you’ve read, then tap the screen (sometimes repeatedly) until the header appears with an arrow. The prompt to buy premium appears every time you scroll past the last page of an installment.

BOTTOM LINE Classics can become more comfortable in small chunks.

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