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Sin & Punishment for Wii brings the pain

Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

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Title: Sin and Punishment: Star Successor
Platform: Wii
Genre: Shooter, Action, Side Scrolling 3D

If you familiar with the game Ikaruga developed by Treasure (originally for Gamecube) you may be familiar with insane difficulty levels and intense action. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor follows in suit with its predecessors.

Choose from 2 characters Isa Jo, son of Saki and Airan from the first installment of the game, and Achi, a mysterious girl who has lost her memory. Isa Jo is a hit man originally sent to kill off Achi but turns sides to protect the lost girl.

The game play is pretty insane. Shooting your way through countless enemies and massive bosses. The game eases you in with 2-3 fairly easy levels. After that, you’ll have to get on you’re A-game and step up your shooting and dodging skills. Controls consist of a your regular rapid fire shots, a charge up blast, a dodging roll and sword play attacks to eliminate close up enemies.

Action is non-stop. Each level transverse the next with a short plot line in between often having multiple boss fights in a row.

Grab a friend to help collect items and shoot down massive amounts of enemies hell bent of bringing you down.

Graphics are what you can expect from the Wii. Characters are a bit childish, but the terrains, enemies, and effects are chiseled and somewhat dark in style.

Bottom line, this game is amazing. I found myself often having to stand up off the couch to get into the action and keep myself from being pummeled by barrages of evildoers. If you’re looking for a great shooter that is challenging as well as visually intense, pick this baby up.


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