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Smartphone photos: Here’s how to touch up and enhance them

Beautifying filters can transform a selfie.

Beautifying filters can transform a selfie. Photo Credit:

Photos conjure up memories, evoke emotion, tell a story or capture a mood. These days, most people are turning to their smartphone rather than a camera to take vacation of family snapshots. Here are some photo editing tips to help you quickly enhance a photo or unleash your creative side.

ADJUSTING BRIGHTNESS AND CONTRAST Smartphones, including the iPhone, have basic photo-editing tools, including ways to adjust the lighting. By using a slider, you can adjust the brightness, highlights, contrast and more. If you make a mistake, you can also revert the image back to the original.

USING FILTERS There are plenty of filters out there that can transform the mood of a photograph. Social networks, including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, all have them. The photo editing app Snapseed has variations of its filters, allowing you to tailor how you want the photo to look. Want to bring out more details in a photo? Try the Drama filter. Going for a dreamy look? Try the Glamour Glow filter. You can also try blending filtered images together.

TOUCHING UP A giant zit on your face can ruin a good selfie. Photo editing apps like BeautyPlus and AirBrush have tools that can make your face look smooth or slimmer, get rid of acne or whiten your teeth. AirBrush has a feature to add makeup to your face, giving you false eyelashes, lipstick and blush. You can even appear taller, or narrow the bridge of your nose. No plastic surgery needed.

— The Mercury News (TNS)

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