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Spore Origins, get back to your inner amoeba

Spore Origins Screenshot

Spore Origins Screenshot Credit: Matthew Cassella - EA Mobile

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
Genre: Action

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a single celled organism? No? Well, me either, but after losing countless hours playing this addictive game, I began to realize the hardships, trials and tribulations little organisms in the primordial ooze went through.

Spore Origins is the little brother of the more in-depth game Spore Creatures. Customization options are more limited but essentially the games are exactly alike when it comes to overall control and theme.

You’ll start as a small booger and eventually evolve by eating smaller organisms and collecting microbe power-ups like shields, increased speed and poison attributes. As you advance, you’ll unlock different parts to help you travel through the ooze into less hospitable climates.

You might relate floating around in ooze to a sequence of Zs, but this game has a hook, the creature creation and customization. As you progress you’ll acquire evolutionary parts giving you the ability to change the look and increase the ability of your blob by adding eyes, feelers, mouth parts, spikes and a bunch more to help you evolve.

You control your organism by tilting your iPhone, iPad or IPod Touch. I would have liked to see a joystick option as tilting your device can get tricky at times but adds a interesting and challenging element to the game.

All in all the game is a fun. I suggest getting origins for $1.99 and if you love it, evolve into creatures. A bit more steep in price at $6.99. A free lite version of the game is also available to get your feelers wet.

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Spore Origins Gameplay Trailer

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