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Tech Review: Apps for your tax paperwork

For many taxpayers, the days of tax paperwork

For many taxpayers, the days of tax paperwork are nearly over, as more and more people file online or with mobile devices. There are new apps to make it easier and more exact. Credit: AFP-Getty Images, 2012

The days of tax paperwork are nearly over, as more and more people file online or with mobile devices. Below are five free applications that can help with filing reports, monitoring expenses and investments and, hopefully, making it rain (dollar bills) in tax season.


(iOS, Android; free)

SigFig is hyperfocused on financial planning and stock investing. The secure app connects your brokerages, investments and portfolios, then automatically analyzes to provide investors with sound advice. Its charts track performance, risk and other analytics. Use it year-round, so in tax season you can quickly reference any investments you've made that are applicable.

Pageonce -- Money & Bills

(iOS, Android; free)

While Pageonce isn't geared toward filing or filling out tax forms, you can be better prepared for tax season by auditing this mobile app. Once you are logged in, the Overview page provides a snapshot of all your assets, bills, investments, loans and credit cards. Such a resource is crucial for the times when we take stock of expenses for W-2 and 1040EZ forms, and it's a great app for staying on top of financial obligations throughout the year.

TurboTax SnapTax

(iOS, Android; free)

A perennial service favored by practically everyone who files online, the TurboTax mobile app from Intuit Inc. towers over the competition. TurboTax is a trendsetter for document uploading through photographs. Take a picture of your tax form, and the app scans your document in seconds and then sends you to a review screen. Double- and triple-check for errors, add personal information, preview your form and file. You could also check out H&R Block's apps for iOS or Android, if you prefer the competition. The process has never been this stress-free!

Quick Tax Reference

(iOS, Android; free)

Bloomberg BNA's free financial guide fills you in on the minutiae of filing your taxes in 2013. For example, it provides standard deductions based on your household (married, head of household, etc.), personal exemptions, and estate and gift tax rates, with a built-in sliding scale that automatically calculates percentages owed based on the dollar amount. Quick Tax Reference is a wonderfully simple tool for people using TurboTax, ezTaxReturn or H&R Block, and especially for those who itemize.

MyTaxRefund by TurboTax

(iOS, Android; free)

Another solid app from the Intuit gang. Sure, MyTaxRefund is very bare-bones, but it's great for those who want to constantly check the status of their 2013 tax refund. It provides statuses for federal and state refunds and estimates when you can expect compensation. All you do is indicate whether you filed with TurboTax or not, and enter your Social Security number and ZIP code.



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