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Tech Review: Apps to help you celebrate mom

Apple's new iPhone 5 is on display San

Apple's new iPhone 5 is on display San Francisco, Calif. (Sept. 12, 2012) Credit: AFP/Getty Images

Mother's Day was founded by Anna Jarvis in 1908, and while this holiday occurs once a year, you can still appreciate your mom all year round. Here are five mobile apps great for commemorating the importance of moms:


(iOS, Android: Free)

Etsy is a unique online marketplace where independent crafters, merchants and even shoppers can converse about handmade crafts and vintage items. The company's goal is to maintain a focused community-based economy, and the website has a section dedicated to Mother's Day Gifts. In Etsy's mobile app, the Mother's Day picks appear in the Seasonal category, so some items encountered while scrolling through gift ideas will be totally off topic. However, the Etsy mobile app's search is great for browsing things specific to Mother's Day.

Ink Cards

(iOS, Android: Free)

Mobile app Ink Cards is for creating personalized and customized greetings. You can include photos and custom messages in a style that matches your mom's interests. After you design the card, Ink Cards will print and deliver the cards to the address of your choice for $1.99. Ink Cards also has a featured tab that displays seasonally relevant premade card ideas.

Just Me and My Mom

-- Little Critter

(iOS, Android: Free)

Many sons and daughters who now have their own children grew up with the Little Critter collection of storybooks. Oceanhouse Media, a developer of children's book apps, brings us the classic story of Little Critter traveling to the city with his mom. This interactive app features three approaches to experience the story: Read It Myself, Read To Me and AutoPlay.

POETRY from the Poetry Foundation

(iOS, Android: Free)

The Poetry Foundation's "mobile poetry library" offers thousands of poems on a variety of subjects, including Family, Love, Spirituality and Celebrations. This mobile app pulls poems from Poetry Magazine, one of the oldest and most popular poetry journals in the world, so there is a definitive mix of classic and contemporary. Although it takes a little digging to find poems about mothers (and not all of them perceive maternity in a positive light), POETRY from the Poetry Foundation can help you find a line or two from an incredible poem to express your appreciation for others.

ScrapPad -- Mother's Day Photo Journal

(iOS: Free)

Sometimes, a simple card just isn't enough. This Mother's Day, why not go the extra mile and digitally create an entire scrapbook? The ScrapPad -- Mother's Day Photo Journal app, updated in March, accesses photos from the iPad's Camera Roll and lets you add text and create albums and pages, which you can share through email and Facebook. The initial app is free, but you can upgrade to the full version for only 99 cents, which unlocks a barrage of design elements and themed scrap kits. Once you complete your digital design, you can order a printed scrapbook in three different sizes. Ordering costs vary.


Unspeakable language


AT&T restricts customers from using several words as a password, including "password" and "admin," to access account information on the AT&T website. The carrier has added another restriction: "The password can't contain obscene language." The rule, first reported by industry trade site Cellular-News, is apparently to protect AT&T representatives from hearing obscene language during customer calls when they ask for a user's password to correct an issue. -- PETER KING


Health education


Internet users eagerly describe their meal at a restaurant or their feelings about a movie but are less likely to share information about their health experiences. Brigham Young University researchers found that while a majority of Internet users visit health sites, very few post personal accounts about medicines, doctors or hospitals. Researchers said if more consumers shared their health-related experiences, it could create a "true collective wisdom of the crowds." -- PETER KING


EA cuts licensing deals with gun makers


Electronic Arts says it is severing licensing ties to gun manufacturers. The video game maker said comments from the National Rifle Association blaming video games for gun violence in the wake of the Newtown, Conn., school shootings had nothing to do with its decision. EA maintains it has the right to use images of branded guns in its games without paying gun makers a licensing fee. -- Reuters

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