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Tech Review: Four apps help transfer photos, large documents

SuperBeam quickly transfers files of all sizes between

SuperBeam quickly transfers files of all sizes between devices on the same Wi-Fi network. Credit: App store

Getting there is not half the fun when it comes to transferring large files between mobile devices and computers. These four utilities can transfer photos, large documents, videos and music collections seamlessly, securely and without wires or cables even if the files are huge.

SuperBeam (iOS, Android; free; Pro: iOS, $1.99; Android, $0.99)

The app will quickly transfer files of all sizes between devices on the same Wi-Fi network. On many Android models the app will use the Wi-Fi Direct protocol, which can make transfers even faster. The app makes it easy to set up a connection and pair devices using QR codes. A QR code scanner is included as part of the app.

WeTransfer (iOS, Android; free)

Sending a large file to someone not on your network can be a nightmare. If you email it, you may find it returned unsent because many email servers limit the size of files they will accept. With WeTransfer, you can send files up to 10GB (about the size of feature-length high-definition movie). Upload your file to WeTransfer, and your recipient receives an email with a link where it can be downloaded directly.

SHAREit (iOS, Android; free)

This app from PC maker Lenovo offers high-speed wireless transfers between devices on the same Wi-Fi network. Cross-platform transfers are supported, so your Android phone or tablet can send or receive from an iPhone or iPad and vice versa. You can also send and receive from your desktop PC. The app is especially useful for someone who wants to back up data from a phone to a PC.

Send Anywhere (iOS, Android; free)

Send Anywhere's main attraction is its security and anonymity. The app doesn't ask for your email address, registration or login information. It generates a six-digit code that both sender and receiver must input, and no files are saved in the cloud. Be aware, if the sending and receiving device are not on the same Wi-Fi network, the app will default to "the fastest optimal path," so it could use your phone's 4G network and you might incur data charges.

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